Helix Tech for students

build stuff that solves real problem

We at Helix Tech love Building Apps across technologies, platforms and devices! May be it be
apps for business or just those fun and quirky apps!
We love working with startups and entreprenurs, but don't mid a bit of enterprise as well
We've built a great foundation, but we've only just begun! click here to see our work

We try not to involve our interns into client projects, but instead help us on some of our new
ideas that we feel will be next big thing. Our interns will give us the freedom to build stuff that
we would otherwise not experiment with our full time employees.
We offer internship primarily in areas of technology, Design and Marketing for a period of 8-10

we offer internship to all freeks and geeks
beauty and the beasts any one who is passionate
enough just to build GREAT APPS!

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In addition to the projects themselves, you'll learn alongside other talented engineers with a wide range
of experience and backgrounds. You'll also have a personal mentor and work as an equal member of the team you join!
Through our internship programs in the past like this one which helped us make this and this to name
a few . We have had several students come in, and learn the fun way.
Along with the serious stuff, we also conduct activities that keep our interns sharp,
and brings out different hidden talents.
Helix Tech is proud to be associated with BITS as its Practice School partner having a PS-1 station,
we’ve have had students from both BITS Goa and Pilani coming over for the
summer to Goa which resulted in this :)
As part of our extended students program we also try and do our bit by contributing to some of
the best College events held around the country, and Goa as well.
like this one and this too!

know what we did last summer ?

Summer Internship 2014