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React Native - Developer

Build and manage next gen #Mobile experiences rapidly In a professional, positive, comfortable and open work culture besides making a self-impact!

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Roles & responsibilities :

  • Apply knowledge of Javascript (ES6) including all the latest features.

  • Usage of third party libraries for Maps, UI scaling, Styles, Secure storage, Permissions, Navigation, Splash screen, Network. Analytics. Push notifications, Localization, Calendar, etc.

  • Build and run apps using Xcode, and Android Studio.

  • Persistence support using frameworks like Realm.

  • Comprehend performance issues and solve them.

  • Knowledge of Git (including merging, branching and resolving merge conflicts).

Desired skills :

  • Ability to create flexbox driven UI layout.

  • Configuring ESLint for JS code linting.

  • Being aware of alternate state management mechanisms like MobX.

  • Is proficient in either iOS or Android programming too.

Technical Skills :

  • Knowledge of all aspects of React framework.

  • Components, containers, JSX specification of component UI layout, Component lifecycle.

  • Props and State mechanism used for data flow

  • Various kinds of views (text, button, scroll view, flat list, etc.).

  • Navigation

  • RN animations and gesture system fundamentals.

  • Redux state management library.

  • React Router usage.

  • JSON/XML parsing.

It is a full time engagement with an option of remote basis work and candidates from any location are preferred.

We are looking for

Intelligent &

Independent Thinker. Brings fresh perspectives.

T Shaped

Experts in their area aware of many others. Ability to cross-pollinate ideas.


Love their craft and getting their hands dirty. No armchair experts

Believer &

Everything yields to hardwork. Nothing significant was ever achieved without grit

Why Helix?

Do you want to work with others who will continuously push you to become a better developer in a friendly and inclusive environment?
Do you want to solve challenges for most innovative startups and well-known brands?
Do you want to build and manage next gen #Mobile experiences rapidly In a professional, positive, comfortable and open work culture besides making a self-impact in Goa?

At Helix Tech, Full stack Developers have the freedom to create products people love. You’ll collaborate closely with a cross-disciplinary team made up of people who truly care about their craft. We look for team members who have a core understanding of development fundamentals, a real passion for code, and a desire to continuously learn and improve.

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