There Are Now More Smart Mobile Devices Than People On Earth

High End Mobile & Web

Native Android/iOS

Breathtaking apps and mobile
experiences, focused on user experience
and performance.

Web Based Platforms

Groundbreaking technology applied
to the development of
impactful sites, hotsites and web apps.

Interactive Experiences

Creative collaboration and development,
using digital platforms
to produce unique and engaging experiences.


We are working on some cool projects at the moment. Watch this space for more awesomeness. If you get bored refreshing this page, check out our facebook page for status updates.

Better iOS - Mobile App
Beet iOS - Mobile App
Campuswings iOS, Android - Mobile App
Sinq iOS - Android
Campuswings Dashboard Web App
Papercrunch iOS, Android - Mobile App

we love our clients and the feeling is pretty mutual!


"I feel very lucky to work with the great team of Helix Tech. 'Better' wouldn't be as it is without their passion to build a great app!

Mert Bulut

Founder of Better

There's more of this too click here to see!

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